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Current Knowledge and Future Directions in Psoriasis

A five-part series of global webinars that will bring together IPC's cadre of experts from around the globe to cover essential topics in the field of psoriasis and provide an update on the current state of the disease, followed by presentations focusing on perspectives for the next five years.

The global webinar agendas are developed to provide practical information and to maximize interaction with the faculty. Through presentations and question and answer sessions, participants will obtain valuable information about psoriasis today and what we can expect in the future.


Personalized medicine in psoriasis with a focus on stratification and biomarkers


Welcome and introduction: Lars Iversen
Why we need to stratify in treatment of psoriasis: Lars Iversen
Biomarkers for practical use in 2021: Catherine Smith
Personalized treatment five years from now – perspectives from inflammatory bowel diseases: Claudio Fiocchi
Q & A and closing comments: Lars Iversen

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