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14th Conference of the European Hidradenitis Suppurativa Foundation e.V.

It is immense pleasure to welcome you to the 14th European Hidradenitis Suppurativa Foundation (EHSF) Conference in Vilnius!

We discovered a pleasant coincidence: Vilnius is the number one dynamically developing city in CEE region. The expanding understanding of the enigmatic pathogenesis of Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) distinguishes it from other cutaneous inflammatory diseases and defines the dynamic future for further research of this extraordinary skin condition. Despite existing enthusiasm, the development of innovative therapeutic armamentarium is undoubtedly needed.

Due to its chronic, recurring and painful nature, HS isolates, stigmatizes patients and marks their life with deep psychological burden. On the other hand, it often becomes a challenge to involve the patient in the active control of his disease, to instill the desire to escape from the vicious circle of illness. Indeed, how many aspects remain to be clarified in order to improve the care of HS patients!

An exciting line-up of keynote speakers, panel discussions and research presentations promise to inspire and stimulate your intellectual curiosity. We hope, that regardless of the winter season, the gathering of academic minds from around the world will create warm and unforgettable atmosphere that always accompanies EHSF conferences.

Your presence here is highly appreciated. We would be delighted if you could find the opportunity to join us at this promising to be an inspiring and informative event.

On the Vilnius University observatory wall, there is the quote “Hinc itur ad astra”, which means “from here the way leads to the stars. In today's distracted world, let this be the thought that brings us all together for innovation, friendship, respect and peace.


European Hidradenitis Suppurativa Foundation e.V. / MCI


Prof. Dr. Ruta Ganceviciene / Prof. Dr. Christos C. Zouboulis

12.02.2025 09:00 bis 14.02.2025 20:00
Prof. Dr. Christos C. Zouboulis
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